October 19, 2019

Protoform Hyper-SS 1/8th scale GT body shell

Following a first teaser Protoform have now officially introduced their all-new Hyper-SS body shell for the popular 1/8th scale GT classes. When IFMAR announced the first-ever 1/8th GT Worlds with a new set of Global Body Spec rules, Protoform set out to design a new body that was not only fast, but also relevant to the full-scale racing era that is here and now. In the past, GT8 cars have always featured cab-forward sports-car style bodies. But in recent years, the rapid advancement of the full-scale GT cars has evolved into the Supercar, and then more recently into the Hypercar that will be featured in the premier class at the Le Mans 24h in 2020. The radical, low-slung shape of the body includes a unique rear-wing with moulded-in Gurney flap. At the rear window area, low-drag louver vents can be trimmed out to allow for efficient engine cooling if required. The Hyper-SS meets all 1/8th GT Global Body Spec rules and is already approved for IFMAR competition at the upcoming World Championship. The body fits popular 1/8th scale GT cars with the shorter GT1 wheelbase of 325mm, and comes with rear wing, nylon wing mounting hardware, decal sheet, window masks, and overspray film. It is available in two weights of high-quality polycarbonate: 1mm regular weight and 0.75mm light weight for expert racers.

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October 18, 2019

Xray Racing Series Slovakia Rd1 – Report

The opening round of the 2019/20 Xray Racing Series Slovakia was held at the Hudy Arena in Trencin last weekend. The event saw the running of both off-road and on-road classes with practice on Friday and racing on Saturday. In 2WD Buggy it was Max Götzl with the TQ in round 1 followed by Martin Bayer and Ales Bidovsky. Max was able to score another TQ run in Q2, again in front of Martin and Ales. Q3 then went to Martin, but as Max had faster time in the Q1, I took the overall TQ as Martin lined up 2nd and Ales 3rd.

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October 18, 2019

Xpress Execute FT1 1/10 FWD touring car kit

Following a couple of teasers on social media Xpress have finally fully unveiled their all-new Execute FT1 1/10th scale competition FWD touring car kit. The car utilises a carbon fibre double deck chassis design, front and rear carbon fibre shock towers and a belt-driven drivetrain as it has become a standard recently. A XQ1-type gear differential ensures exceptional forward traction while double joint driveshafts make for smooth cornering even at high steering throw angles. Adjustable upper deck stiffeners allow to fine-tune the chassis’ torsional flex and various battery positions help to adapt the weight balance to a variety of track conditions and driving styles. Other features include a front bumper with integrated 30mm motor fan mount, front and rear swaybars as well as as quick change brass balance system integrated into the bulkheads.

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October 18, 2019

O.S R2104 Hasi Tuned 3.5cc nitro on-road engine

Coming from the Hasi Tuned brand of multi-time World Championship finalist, Silvio Hächler is a new O.S. R2104 based nitro on-road engine. The power plant is made to the exact same specifications as Silvio’s race engines and professionally tuned, offering a differently timed crankshaft, a modified case and sleeve. The specifications aim to increase end speed on large tracks, giving extra power over the whole RPM range. The easily recognisable engines come with a modified cooling head and they are pre-run-in in order to offer instant and exceptional performance on the track. The 9-port engine includes a hard-coated pipe and a MR02 manifold and it is available worldwide here and in Switzerland it can also be ordered directly by contacting Silvio.

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October 18, 2019

MST EK9 & E30 RB 190mm body shells – Coming soon

MST have released first information on two forthcoming new 1/10th scale on-road body shells in the form of the EK9 and the E30 RB. Starting with the EK9, it is the follow-up model to the popular EG6 and will feature a simple integrated front bumper design, a scale front grille, enlarged rear spoiler and it was developed for 257mm wheelbase 190mm touring cars, making it ideal for the growing FWD touring cars category. The EK9 is scheduled for a release in late 2019.

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October 18, 2019

Muchmore Mega tire traction compound

Muchmore have introduced their new Mega traction compound for rubber and foam tyres. Coming in a 40ml additive applicator pen bottle, the tyre sauce will improve traction especially when running in low to medium bite conditions with the odourless formula ensuring the additive can be used indoors. Despite extracting a lot of grip from the tyres, the Mega traction compound will not increase tyre wear.

Source: Muchmore [muchmore.net]

October 18, 2019

BMT 984 & GT 18T 1st gear pinion

BMT have announced the release of a new 18T 1st gear pinion for their 984 and GT series cars. Using the gear will improve acceleration, making it the perfect option for tight and twitchy tracks. The pinion comes machined from aluminium with a hard surface coating ensuring high durability.

Source: BMT [bmt-team.com]

October 18, 2019

Max Chung wins Mini class at 2019 GIRC

The 2019 GRC International RC Car Championship was held at the GRC Circuit in South Korea, with drivers from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Germany in attendance. In the popular Mini class, local driver Jae Kyu Kim dominated qualify to take the overall TQ with Hong Kong driver Max Chung in 2nd. In the opening A-final Kim also showed an unbeatable pace with a best lap of 19.864 and he would hold the upper hand to take the win, the second final however was crucial, as Max Chung had the hole shot and passed Kim on the inside of the first corner. Kim and Max would battle for the whole five minutes and ultimately Max crossed the line first, just 0.39s ahead of Kim. The third final was intense for both drivers, again Max had a good start and was already on the inside line in the first corner, while Kim rolled his car, putting him back to 3rd. Kim however quickly recovered and soon reclaimed 2nd position. Up front Max tried everything to hold onto the lead and he crossed the line ahead of Kim by 3.5s. Myung Kook Lee would complete the top 3 podium result.

Thanks to Max Chung for the report.