July 30, 2021

Xray X10’22 Pan car – Coming soon

Xray have released a teaser for their new for 2022 X10 electric pan car. Promising an all-new platform we have no further details to go on yet but we bring you more information about the 2022 variant once they surface.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

July 30, 2021

RC Maker MTC2 & A800MMX top deck options

RC Maker have presented their new V2 Top deck range for the Mugen MTC2 and one-piece range for the Awesomatix A800MMX. Building on the development of their first MTC2 version, they wanted to produce their own pivot screws to improve the adjustability and efficiency of the flex, and also strength of the top decks whilst achieving maximum pinion clearance. The end result is the V2 & their new SlimFlex 1-piece. With the twin top deck being the standard on the A800MMX, benefits were still being seen of the single-piece design shifting the flex point forward for increased steering. RC Maker developed two very successful top decks for the MMCX years ago, and have optimised their design, adjustability and pinion clearance, to bring you the SlimFlex 1 piece & CentraFlex top deck range for the A800MMX. They also have a cool little turnbuckle holder tool. This concept was originally developed by MR33, they have tackled it a different way and think it helps a lot to keep your ball cups flat while making adjustments to your camber and caster.

View the other new parts here

July 30, 2021

Mon-tech Racing Mitopista FWD body shell

Mon-tech Racing have introduced their new Mitopista body shell for the FWD category. Based on the old Mito RX, the wheel arches and front splitter have been changed with the new height adjustable wing by Mon-tech Racing has been added. These changes make the body very agile and stable with lots of traction and cornering. The body comes supplied with decals, window masks and the wing mounting hardware.

View more images of Mitopista here

July 29, 2021

Factory Team DR10 front bulkheads

Team Associated’s Factory Team introduces two new optional front bulkheads for the DR10, SR10, and the RB10. Available in aluminium or brass, these options help improve the durability of your Team Associated ride as well as improving performance. Use these two new front bulkhead options to tune the weight distribution to suit your needs as a driver and the conditions you are driving on. The aluminium front bulkhead weighs 14 grams while the brass version weighs 45 grams.

View the aluminium bulkhead here

July 28, 2021

Core RC PACE 95R brushless ESC

From Core RC comes this PACE 95R brushless speed control, especially designed for 1S, 3.7V vehicles, such as F1 Stock Cars, GT12 and LMP12. BRCA Legal, it supports 1S LiPo or 3 Cell NiCd/NiMh battery packs. Featuring Forward/Brake with Reverse or Forward/Brake options, it has an adjustable low voltage cut-off protection and easy single step set up system. Sensored or sensorless operation, a fan is included as is a built in one touch On/Off button with LED.

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July 28, 2021

LC Racing PTG-2 4WD Rally car

LC Racing have introduced their new PTG-2 4WD Rally car platform. Based on their LC10B5 competition buggy platform which is designed for performance, realism and low maintenance, it comes suppled with LC Racing engineered rally tires, aluminium oil-filled & threaded shocks and 2.5mm thick fibre composite shock towers. Front and rear oil-filled competition grade differentials with metal gears come as standard along with an aluminium centre prop shaft, steel hinge-pins, all mounted on a 2.0mm anodised aluminium chassis with front and rear kick-up and finished with side guards.

View more details & images here

July 27, 2021

Louis Kretschmer joins Awesomatix Factory team

Awesomatix have announced the addition of German stock class driver Louis Kretschmer to their Factory Team. Louis is another ‘young gun’ in the Awesomatix Team and he will participate at the Euro Touring Series events, where he recently finished 4th overall, as well as local events in Germany like RCK and TOS races. Louis said ‘At this moment I am just thrilled to be part of the Awesomatix team. I’ve dreamed of working together this closely for years. This opportunity is a real pleasure for me and I hope to be an asset to the team. It will be a big milestone in my career that I will never forget. A big thank you to Max and Oleg for this opportunity. I hope I can get some good results for the team. See you on the racetrack!’

Source: Awesomatix [facebook.com]

July 27, 2021

2021 XRS Italy onroad – Report

The 2021 edition of the XRS Italy on-road event was held at the beautiful facilities of Club Automodellistico 5 Colli in Gubbio, Italy. Some 110 entries in 5 different classes competed over the course of the weekend of 24-25th of July 2021. Perfect weather conditions, and a great atmosphere was present all throughout the event. The modified TC class was won by the world champion Bruno Coelho, followed by Alexander Hagberg, and Xray team manager and designer Martin Hudy in 3rd. Bad luck struck the 3rd qualifier, Alessio Menicucci, who dropped down the order in the finals.

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