July 30, 2021

Schumacher Racing team welcomes Riccardo Berton

Schumacher Racing would like to welcome young Italian star Riccardo Berton to the team. Riccardo is the current 1/8th European champion and Worlds A finalist. On his new deal he said ‘Big thank you to the Schumacher Family for the opportunity to race with their cars, I am really thankful and I look forward to do some of the most important races. See you soon’. Riccardo will continue with his Infinity program for 1/8th but joins them for his 1/10th racing. He will be competing at many large 1/10th events around the World as and when travel allows.

Source: Schumacher [racing-cars.com]

July 29, 2021

Factory Team DR10 front bulkheads

Team Associated’s Factory Team introduces two new optional front bulkheads for the DR10, SR10, and the RB10. Available in aluminium or brass, these options help improve the durability of your Team Associated ride as well as improving performance. Use these two new front bulkhead options to tune the weight distribution to suit your needs as a driver and the conditions you are driving on. The aluminium front bulkhead weighs 14 grams while the brass version weighs 45 grams.

View the aluminium bulkhead here

July 28, 2021

Xray XT8 solid lower suspension arms

For the XT8, Xray have introduced these composite solid lower suspension arms moulded from hard composite to make the solid suspension arms even harder. They feature a stronger, reinforced design to maintain rigidity in extreme conditions and higher temperatures and improve the XT8’s stability and predictability in high speed corners.

View the front arms here

July 27, 2021

JConcepts Double Dees V2

JConcepts have released an updated version of their popular Double Dees. for 1/10th buggy, called the V2 and introduced a 2wd front for the first time. Originals are often hard to beat, in the case of the Double Dees V2, every attempt at improving was considered. The carcass was revised for a broader carcass for a stout feel in straight-line tracking ability. The slightly taller sidewall provides a little cushion for bumps and terrain irregularities. The inner carcass webbing has also been designed to incorporate a more traditional overlapping X pattern concept to provide the all-around support needed at high-speed. The V2 rear tire is perfect for a variety of track surfaces and when conditions are unknown, the Double Dees are always a safe choice. In the case of the Double Dees V2 as a 2wd front, it didn’t exist, until now. For years, racers handmade Double Dees front tires to increase steering response and provide the ultimate match for the rear tire in loose and loamy conditions. For the new front tire, the carcass was designed for a slightly narrower patch to control steering response and allow the front to rear combo to work in unison.

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July 26, 2021

Kyosho MP10 TKI2 carbon shock towers

Kyosho have released these new carbon shock towers for the Inferno MP10 / MP10 TKI2 / MP10e. Designed to be used with the MP10 TKI2 long shocks, these light weight and durable carbon parts provides a lower centre of gravity which makes gives a different feel than the kits stock aluminium parts. A great setup option for various track conditions. Also for the same car, there is now a new carbon transponder mount.

View more images of the towers here

July 26, 2021

Schumacher Outdoor Off Road Masters Rd2 – Report

This past weekend was the second round of the newly organised SOOM series, there was once again a great entry of drivers in the 2wd class on Saturday. The entries for 4wd on Sunday were a little lower than we had hoped for, mainly due to several racers having to cancel due to Covid restrictions. The race format was round by round qualifying, with the best 2 results from 4 rounds of qualifying counting towards the final position. There is usually 1 final for all competitors and 3 leg A finals. However due to the lower entry numbers in 4wd, we decided to have 3 leg finals for everyone, so more racing and track time. This was well received by the racers. The Mendip crew had designed a fantastic track layout for our event, a huge thank you to them all for their hard work and dedication.

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July 26, 2021

The Dirt at Perris Grand Opening Race – Announcement

For the first time in 15 years The Dirt Racing is going back to its roots and opening a track again. ‘The Dirt at Perris’ is the new venture for The Dirt Racing and the Grand Opening Race is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday July 31at/Aug 1st. The track will be open for its first day on Friday the 30th for paid practice from Noon – 8pm. “We are so excited to bring to be back in SoCal with our own track and facility. We hope to bring awesome track design mixed with a good vibe and atmosphere to the Socal racing community. Our plan is to be open for practice weekly and race once a month, Calendar to be set after this weekend.”

More information can be found on the official Dirt site here or on Facebook here.