July 11, 2020

T-Works RC8B3.2 carbon RC box plates & servo spacers

Coming from T-Works and made for the Team Associated RC8B3.2 buggy are three new carbon fibre option parts in the form of a receiver box plate, a receiver battery box plate as well as servo spacers. The carbon fibre receiver box and receiver battery box covers are direct replacements for the standard composite items, offering a low weight and streamlined looks. They can be attached using standard hardware and come as separate items. Also new and machined from 2.5mm carbon fibre are carbon fibre servo spacers. They attach to the radio tray posts and lift the throttle servo by 2.5mm when not running the respective radio tray or transponder mount plate, replacing the standard moulded parts. The precision-machined spacers come in sets of two.

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July 11, 2020

Traxxas X-Maxx heavy-duty roof skids

Traxxas have introduced their new heavy-duty roof skids for the X-Maxx monster truck. Just like the company’s heavy-duty suspension arms, the new roof skid plates use a very tough composite material, offering just the right amount of flex to resist breakage – even in cold weather. The accessory skids protect the roof during rollovers and come in six dynamic colours for custom designs. In order to install the roof skid on the X-Maxx, owners will also need to install the Traxxas #7713X rear body support. The new rear body support replaces the existing support and provides bosses to attach the roof skid.

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July 10, 2020

Fenix twin damper kit & Mistral 2.0 carbon axle

Fenix have added new pan car option parts to their portfolio in the form of a general twin damper kit as well as a carbon fibre rear axle for their Mistral 2.0 formula kit. Starting with the twin damper kit, the set is ideal for drivers looking to replace their car’s side springs with a dual damper setup. The dampers accept the popular CRC and Team Associated springs and include four long and four short ball cups as well as two 4.8mm pivot balls, allowing to adapt the kit to many popular 1/10th scale pan cars. As for the carbon fibre rear axle shaft for the Mistral 2.0, the lightweight yet ultra precise part allows for a massive weight saving of about 11g compared to the standard titanium axle, meaning less rotational and overall mass for better acceleration and improved handling.

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July 10, 2020

Bittydesign Seven20 190mm GT body shell

Bittydesign from Italy have introduced their all-new Seven20 GT body shell for 190mm touring car chassis. The body combines maximum performance with true supercar looks, making reference to a British GT3 supercar. The lowered front nose generates excellent steering while the lowered cab and the sculptured shape of the sides stabilise the airflow that conveys into the large rear wing, making the body easy to drive thanks to balanced front and rear downforce. The lid is moulded from high-quality 0.75mm Lexan polycarbonate, it comes clear, including window masks and a detailed decal sheet including red, black and grey racing graphics. A suitable rear wing and wing mounting hardware round out the package.

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July 10, 2020

Torpine R12 2.0mm aluminium flex adjustment plate

Torpine have announced the release of their new chassis flex adjustment plate for the ARC R12 touring car. The plate is machined from high-quality 2.0mm 7075 aluminium and it allows to adjust the rear chassis flex by using different amounts of screws as well as different mounting positions. Initial outdoor tests have shown that using the front motor mount and the third fastening screw increases traction of the rear while offering a very balanced driving performance. If more traction is needed, drovers can also use the rear side fasteners. The plate was developed for the use with M3x4mm or M3x5mm flat head screws and it is available from now on.

Source: Torpine [torpine.com]

July 10, 2020

Hipex EFRA 2115 Evolution 3-chamber on-road pipe

Hipex have introduced their new EFRA 2115 Evolution tuned pipe for .21 on-road engines. Developed in cooperation with Daniele Ielasi and Andrea Pirani the exhaust will improve performance in the lower RPM range while also increasing top end power and it is best used with Novarossi or O.S.-based engines.

Source: Hipex [hipex.it]

July 10, 2020

Answer-RC S35-4 carbon fibre arm stiffeners

Made for the SWorkz S35-4 1/8th scale nitro and electric buggies are Answer-RC’s new carbon fibre lower arm stiffeners. Machined from high-quality 1.5mm carbon fibre and being a direct fit, the stiffeners were developed to reduce arm flex when running in high-bite track conditions, providing optimised traction and precision while also keeping the arms cleaner, preventing the build-up of debris. The stiffeners are available as separate sets for the front and rear of the buggy and they include mounting hardware.

View the rear arm stiffeners here

July 10, 2020

Aerox touring car droop gauge set

Schumacher have introduced the new Aerox droop gauge set for 1/10th scale touring cars. The set is a new universal way to take the confusion out of measuring droop across different chassis manufacturers. Droop is a measurement used to define the point at which the tyre leaves contact with the ground. It can be a very powerful tool to quickly change the behaviour of a car. Measuring droop to the axle centre is the most accurate way of doing so, as it eliminates any potential discrepancy in the symmetry of suspension components. This method is also the only correct way to quickly and easily compare droop across different cars, without the need to account for any differences in car design. Using the Aerox system is simple. Fasten the droop wheels on to one pair of axles. The chassis sits on the 10mm droop blocks. The droop gauge is used to measure to the lowest part of the droop wheel. The reading from the gauge is the distance from chassis underside to the centre of axle. Repeat for the other pair of axles. For easy storage and transportation, the M4 grub screw is inserted into the side of the droop gauge so that it protrudes equally out of both sides. This is then locked off with the M3 grub screw from the underside. The droop wheels then attach to the droop gauge via the M4 grub screw for safe storage. The tools are available as full set, as gauge blocks only and as gauge and disks set.

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