October 25, 2021

Exotek Slash Drag shock tower & HD axle set

Two new items from Exotek for the Drag Slash and Slash Street Eliminator, the first being this heavy duty 4mm thick carbon fibre front shock tower. Much stiffer for more stable high speed handling, it uses the stock shocks and body mounts. It has optional shock mounting holes for more tuning options but requires removal of the stock body mount. Next up is their heavy duty hardened steel complete CVD axle sets and diff cups. Reduced parts count and all steel construction insures reliable racing without fear of deforming or popping out the stock plastic axle sets. The new diff cups uses 2 set screws instead of the straight pin to remove all of the slop and reduces vibrations.

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October 25, 2021

OfficinaRC X4 UFS titanium screws & ball stud kits

OfficinaRC are now offering sets for the new Xray X4 of their UFS screws and Titanium ball studs. OfficinaRC Titanium ball studs are perfect for those looking for weight savings with maximum precision, and come in a 14 piece set. With the UFS screws there are two kits available, the first of which is made up of 9 pieces for the top deck only, while the 31 piece set is for the complete car.

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October 25, 2021

T-Works power boost backplate for OS .21

T-Works have announced their new power boost backplate for O.S. Speed .21 engines. The power boost backplate is designed to increase mid to high range power while also increasing fuel efficiency and quicker return to idling. It can be used with both off-road and on-road engines and is a simple bolt on replacement for the standard part.

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October 25, 2021

Gabriele Berselli joins Awesomatix

Awesomatix have announced the addition of the multiple Italian national champion Gabriele Berselli to their factory team. He won the modified title in 2019 (ASI), 2020 (AMSCI) and 2021 (ACI) and will race at the ACI Italian championship as well as at the UISP champs and other important events in Italy and Europe. Gabry said ‘I want to thank Awesomatix for this great opportunity they have offered me, and I can’t wait to start this wonderful experience’.

Source: Awesomatix [facebook.com]

October 25, 2021

MonacoRC X4 screw kits

MonacoRC is pleased to present its screw kit for the all new Xray X4. MonacoRC staff has worked hard and are now ready to present a kit consisting of 95 pieces in two variants. MonacoRC X4 Titanium / Alloy hex socket set (95) and MonacoRC X4 Titanium hex socket set (95). Available immediately, they include all the fasteners needed to upgrade the new Xray X4.

View the Titanium/Alloy set here

October 22, 2021

Xray X4 1/10th touring car chassis

Xray have finally released the full details on their all new X4 touring car platform, having teased it on social media over the past weeks. The X4 features an advanced upper/lower arm suspension mounted to new bulkhead framework and a narrowed chassis layout to push performance to the next level. The unique CFF Carbon Fibre Fusion upper and lower suspension arms offer outstanding handling & durability with all suspension components mounted directly to the CFF arms without the need for any additional brackets, inserts or bushings for accuracy and reliability. The new ARS suspension features highly adjustable geometry settings including roll center, caster and an active toe adjustment while the new precision Hudy Spring Steel pivot balls in all suspension pivots provide smooth suspension movement. All-new hubs are universal front and rear to reduce the number of spares for easier maintenance and the new anti-roll bar shapes match the updated mounting points on the suspension arms. All-new aluminium shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions provide maximum adjustability and all-new upper bulkheads sport caster inserts for quick setup changes and feature centering pins for precise installation and improved reliability.

View the full X4 presentation here.

October 22, 2021

T-Works RC8B3/T3 suspension mounts & steering plate

As an alternative to the standard parts, T-Works have released this range of options for the Associated RC8B3 and RC8T3 vehicles. The new parts include the LRC rear lower suspension C mount and D Mount as well as the steering plate. Made from 7075 T6 aluminium, the mounts include additional machining to the main body of the part for reduced weight while all parts have been anodised black and sport machined chamfering on the edges for that premium look.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

October 22, 2021

Pro-Line 1/24 Hyrax front & rear 1.0″ tires

The future of SCX24 tire performance has arrived with Pro-Line’s all-new pre-mounted Hyrax 1.0″ tires. Just like Pro-Line’s 1:10 size Hyrax tires, these mini tires are designed to provide maximum grip on whatever terrain your SCX24 attempts to tackle. The Hyrax features an aggressive and open tread pattern with each tread block containing Sipes for additional tread flex. The highly detailed connected tread on the sidewall of the Hyrax extends out for unmatched side-hilling performance. The Hyrax also features futuristic stepped tread blocks that create even more forward gripping edges that dig into slick rock like no other mini tire produced to date. The Hyrax 1.0″ tires are made from a super soft compound to help your SCX24 climb to new heights and the tires are supported with soft foam inserts. The Hyrax 1.0″ tires come in at an overall height of 2.10″ and a width of 0.75″. The Hyrax 1.0″ tire comes conveniently pre-mounted on Mini Impulse Black Internal Bead-Loc 1.0″ plastic 7mm hex wheels.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]