August 23, 2019

Blitz GT4 1/8th GT bodyshell

Blitz have released their all new GT4 1/8th GT bodyshell. The new GT4 body has been made in cooperation with JJ design, with the core design based off a real GT sports car and with a lot of effort put in the aerodynamics. The body specification follows the IFMAR GT GBS rules with the design focussed on more steering and more overall stability. The standard body is made from 1.0mm high-quality clear polycarbonate sheet, with a 0.8mm version also available, and is supplied with rear wing set, window mask and decals.

View more images of the GT4 here

August 23, 2019

Sweep Racing/Mibosport SQS-32PGL tires on BBS rims

Coming from Sweep Racing in cooperation with Mibosport, one of the biggest racing shop in Europe, is the brand new SQS-32PGL competition tire on BBS style rims. Specially designed for the realistic touring car classes, in particular the growing front wheel drive 1/10th touring car class., they are a belted low profile slick offering good traction, making them easy to drive without traction roll. They come pre-glued on black BBS style rims offering a cool and realistic look and each set of tyres includes 5 sets of coloured rim stickers for matching with your body colour. These tyres will be used on the upcoming new season of Mibosport Cup in their new FWD and GT Stock categories.

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August 23, 2019

Wallie Builds aluminium tool rack

New from Wallie Builds, is the soon to be released WB aluminium tool rack. Specifically designed for MIP tools and the Popular parts/tool box, this tool rack comes anodised black with the WB logo laser etched on the front face. A foam layer covers the bottom for the tool to sit on and the tool rack is compact enough to fit inside the Plano box’s large compartment for easy storage. The tool rack is also spaced far enough off the side to allow you to get into the top part of the box without removing the rack.

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August 23, 2019

T-Works tire additive container

T-Works have released their own empty tire additive container for racers that like to mix their own special sauce or don’t want their competitors to know which sauce they are using. The container setup is fairly standard, a 50ml metal container which has an application sponge attached to the lid. It comes with a range of coloured dot decals to allow you to keep track of its contents.

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August 23, 2019

XactRC 3-box set for Ogio 9800

Presenting XactRC, a new company from Robert Morris (KO & Ulti America) and Danny Stojakovic (WCRC) with a focus on making life easier for the RC racer and RC traveler, without breaking the bank. The first project which took 6 months to develop is this ‘3 Box Set’ for the Ogio Rig 9800 series bag. Designed to fit and provide the maximum use of space for organized travel, they have been made from heavy duty 3mm corrugated plastic. The box structure offers durability at the lightest weight possible and each box also includes handles for easy removal and loading into your bag. The smaller box (12x8x3in) sits in between the wheel carrier covers and sit practically flush with them once installed, while the two larger boxes (15x9x6in/ea) give you the most room to organize and place your RC equipment. Utilizing the full width of the bag just before the taper, and to the depth up to the zipper line, there is still room above the zipper line to store your smaller/softer items between the boxes and the bag cover.

View the box set here

August 22, 2019

Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 High Efficiency motor

Muchmore have released their new High Efficiency versions of their Fleta ZX V2 motor. Available at first in the 4.5T and 5.0T versions, the new motor series delivers smoother acceleration at low and mid speeds and greater efficiency at high speeds. The rest of the motor remains unchanged, retaining the same Flow max 2 cooling system and high power stator.

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August 22, 2019

Sweep Racing 17mm lightweight wheels nuts

More new items from Sweep Racing with the introduction of these 17mm lightweight wheels nuts for 1/8th buggy or GT8. Made by high quality aluminium and anodised with the SR logo in the centre. Lightweight and featuring a knurled edged to prevent the nut from come loose, they fit perfectly with all kinds of buggy, truggy and GT8 chassis. Available in gloss black and gun metal grey.

View the grey wheel nuts here

August 22, 2019

2019 Calgary Summer Slam – Report

Last weekend the Calgary Alberta Radio Control Auto Racers (CARCAR) hosted their indoor onroad ‘Summer Slam’ trophy race in Calgary Alberta, Canada. The participants came from all across western Canada to battle for a chance to have a place on the podium. In 1/12 scale modified the cars were absolutely flying and we had Tommy Tam (YRX-12) pull the quickest lap times to TQ and win. 2nd place went to Rob Mcquarrie (P12 Evo) taking 2nd and Ryan Babcock (12R6) sitting 3rd.

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